Trump’s Latest Move: Protecting New Life or Defeating Women’s Health?

In stark contrast to his usual sensationalism when he signs an executive order, President Donald Trump quietly signed a bill into law on Thursday, April 13th that gave individual states the choice to defund organizations that provide abortion services – with Planned Parenthood being the chief target. This longtime Republican initiative, and new law of the land, rolls back a rule put into place by President Obama’s administration only two days before President Trump’s inauguration […]


So...where do we go from here?

Healthcare: So, where do we go from here? Friday, March 24th, put a rather sensational end to a politically super-charged drama that played out like a reality show – the GOP attempt to push through the ACA repeal and replace plan authored by Paul Ryan. But, House speaker Paul Ryan pulled the bill after realizing he wasn’t going to get enough support from members of his own party to deliver it from rhetoric to reality. […]